Yes, "we be VERY grateful" that country band, The Farm, showed up at WGNA to promote their song and to perform at Proctor's GE Theatre tonight. The band really showed their "random acts of kindness" by making several quick stops at various businesses, including at an Albany grocery store, where they paid for strangers' groceries. 

The Farm's song, Be Grateful, talks about being grateful for what you have and Sean and I got to watch them practice what they preach with a few stops around the capital region on Friday.

Check out video of The Farm being "grateful" at the Price Chopper in Colonie:

This lady was perhaps the MOST grateful..

If you haven't already heard it, here's The Farm performing "Be Grateful" at the CMA Awards in 2012:

What a fantastic group of people, let me tell you.  Much more video to come throughout the weekend, by the way, so keep watching for it. Ok, back to the editing room!


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