We had a special visit recently from a fantastic group of singer/songwriters - The Farm.  They were here to promote their heartfelt hit "Be Grateful" by showing just how grateful (and generous) they can be.   Check out what they did at an Albany area gas station.

Sean, Levack and I were there to witness their random acts of kindness first hand.  It was an interesting study in human behavior.  The reactions from people ran the gamut from tearful thank you's to shock and disbelief  in one case, DISTAIN.

Here is just some of what happened at the local Colonie, NY Mobil Station

Amazing, huh? But we're not done here.  You can see the other acts of kindness that they demonstrated, like paying for peoples' groceries at a local Price Chopper store!

Special thanks to "The Farm", and best of luck in the future, guys!  Check out their website at TheFarmMusic.com.



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