Hey - we're only human.  We miss things once in awhile on the morning show, OK?  This was a great piece of "Good News" that needs to be mentioned though, so here goes.

Cops always get slammed for being unfair and unsympathetic.  Not in this case.  According to Newser.com, a police officer in Plantation, Florida did an incredible act of kindness..  He couldn't believe that an elderly woman in a hospital hat something very precious stolen from her in the cruelest way possible.  Check out this story from YouTube

What a great ending to a horrible crime.  Kudos to the cop!

Here is yet another story however that makes it sound like all hospitals and nursing homes have employees that do such inhumane things.

I happen to have had experience locally with the Glen Eddy in Niskayuna.  I can tell you that these people are the most dedicated, friendly staff members I've ever seen.  It's people like the one above that give everyone else a bad name, but let's not go crazy here.  Don't let one apple ruin it for the rest of the bunch!

Do you know a great hospital or elderly care worker out there?  Would love to know below!