If you are over fifty five or you need to find a summer job, there is a fast food restaurant that wants to hire over ten thousand employees this summer throughout the state. According to WKBW.com, McDonald's is looking to employ nearly eleven thousand people across New York state this summer. They are leaning older too to help out  senior citizens looking for work.

McDonald's has teamed up with AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) trying to fill jobs at their restaurants all over New York and across the country. There are a wide variety or jobs available from management roles to morning shifts.

McDonald's also prides themselves on having employees learn skills on the job like teamwork, responsibility and customer service. They will also have an opportunity to further their education through scholarships that are offered through their employment.

To find out more about McDonald's jobs through AARP, click HERE. If you would like to get a summer job and are not over fifty five, check out the McDonald's website, HERE.

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