Because of an accident that ended the life of a 17-year-old girl, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has been giving a petition that could change driving laws for New York Residents.

17-year-old Madeline Shershen was crossing the street in Queens when she was struck by 88-year-old driver Sheila Kahn-Prager, according to Distractify. Kahn-Prager ran the red light and said she didn't see the young girl.

Now, Shershen's family has started a petition in New York State calling for elderly drivers to be tested every two years for their license and so far it has over 22,000 signatures. The likelihood of that changing within the NYS DMV though is very slim since technically it would be categorized as age discrimination, saying:

"In accordance with the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, the Department of Motor Vehicles cannot treat license holders differently based solely upon their age. If someone is concerned about any driver’s performance on the road, we urge them to contact the DMV right away to request a driver review," it said. "DMV may initiate a driver re-evaluation if a driving incident, behavior, or action related to the driver’s performance is reported to the DMV."

The family argues that it isn't age discrimination but visual impairment. They're hoping to take the petition to Albany and enact it as legislation. In this state, we must renew our license every eight years where we must pass a visual examination but they argue that we're not tested enough and not on everything we should be. What do you think?

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