I have such a love for not only our veterans but also for the elderly. I saw a post trending through Facebook of this elderly army veteran who was not taken care of, left alone, and my heart broke.

A Facebook post is trending from a local woman named Kelly Edgar who happened upon an older man on Route 9 looking like he was hitchhiking. The man is 86 years old, served 10 years in the United States Army, and has moderate to advanced dementia. He's currently living in a local motel which Edgar posted pictures of and described as "DEPLORABLE." The mattress and bedding are full of bed bugs, the room dirty, food piled in the refrigerator, among other things.

She specifically called out some organizations but, personally, I can't corroborate their involvement or lack thereof. At the bottom of this, there is a man who is currently unable to take care of himself physically but is able to financially but has no one speaking for him. If this is the case with this veteran, who is to say it's not happening to others. People, like this man, put their lives on the line to protect us and now that they're home, this is how they're treated?

Edgar is an angel in my opinion for taking her afternoon to make sure that this man has a plan in place for his future and will hopefully be entering some form of assisted living. The next step, she mentions in the comments, "The only appropriate media exposure would be a call for action that The Office of the Aging/Adult Protective in Saratoga County be held accountable and for swift action to be made."

If you know of any resources that we can pass on to Kelly to help this poor man, to show him how thankful we are for what he did for this country, let us know! I hope to be able to have an update on his story and be able to share that he's safer and happier.

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