Sometimes we morning guys mumble and grumble about getting up early, coming in tired--you know the drill.  Then I think about the lives of truckers.  They rarely get the "props" they deserve...until now!

  When you stop and think about it, could you IMAGINE being a trucker trying to negotiate that big hunk of metal through the streets--in this weather???  Not only should we applaud what they do and  have sympathy for the expenses that they incur doing it--we should also realize that they are very giving group as well.  Have you ever heard about the Convoy For Kids?   Well, grab the box of tissues and watch this 5 minute video, and it will blow away any negative thoughts you've ever had about that person perched 6 feet above your car in the 18 wheeler!

    Watch video here!

Wow!  That's all I can come back with.  That's why I dedicate this blog to the hard drivin' truckers of the region.   Hopefully this enlightened you (and me) as to the great work that truckers provide in their off hours!   Breaker-1-9!  I got my ears on for ya, truckers!   (I don't speak trucker, but I'm tryin!)

Special thanks to Charlie Claburn, a tireless organizer and promoter of the cause of the trucking community for sending this to us!