There are many things that are amazing about St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The hospital itself is a place of hope and love. Not only does the medical staff do everything possible to help kids and their families battle cancer, but they give them promise. A promise to do everything it takes to make them better and they never have to pay for treatments, food, lodging, or anything that they have at St. Jude.

Inside the hospital, there is a wall that shows the "ABCs of Cancer". These are beautiful drawings done by the kids at St. Jude's who are fighting cancer. Each letter represents a child's perspective about their fight and what cancer means to them. This is a powerful representation of the innocence and battle they are taking on. They are beautifully illustrated in their own words and feelings as they cope and fight.

St. Jude

When reading through each letter and the pictures drawn, you can't help but notice the powerful words in the kid's handwriting and artwork. It is a brutally honest depiction of what they are going through. Each of the twenty-six letters gives a unique perspective from a child.

St Jude WGNA

At St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, no family ever receives a bill for travel, treatment, food, or lodging. Donations from our 16th Annual Country Cares For St. Jude Kids Radiothon go directly to St. Jude so that they can continue to focus on curing childhood cancer. Please become a Partner In Hope. Your $19 donation per month (on your credit or debit card) helps continue the fight. You will also receive a "We Won't Stop" t-shirt.

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See the ABCs of Cancer: