I’m not sure if this would be considered as poor parking lot design, since it’s only at an entrance – exit. This is at the Village Square Plaza in Colonie.

Driveway Confusion At Wendy's Drive Through

To be more specific: the driveway behind Wendys from Old Karner Road. If you’re leaving the plaza to go onto Karner Road, you stay to the right, so people can enter the plaza normally.

The only problem is, you’re actually exiting in the lane for people coming into Wendys drive-thru. So the people trying to get into the drive-thru are technically going the wrong way, and when leaving, you have to go into the wrong lane, and then you’re going the wrong way.

I’m surprised there haven’t been that many accidents here. Isn’t there a way to remark the driveway?

Bad Entrance or Exit

Besides the parking lots that I complained about, what are some other bad parking lot or driveway areas?

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