A woman named Kimberly Jackson was arrested last week in Virginia because she and her boyfriend decided to get-it-on in the middle of a busy parking lot in broad daylight.

And someone got photos of it. Surprise, surprise.

Earl Palmer, the woman's boyfriend says he gave his consent, but then passed out.  So in addition to her being charged for public drunkenness, there could be more charges!

Normal people would go into hiding if they got caught like this, but these two did the opposite! They went right on the local news the very next day!

Hey, everyone deserves their 15 minutes of fame!

Kimberly said she didn't think about getting caught, because she was too drunk. But Earl had the best answer! When the reporter asked why they did it, he said,

"[Because] everyone wants to do something spontaneous."


Amen, Earl! Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind!

When the reporter asked if they'll ever do it again, she immediately said no, but Earl thought about it for a few seconds . . . then said he didn't know! That's right Earl!

We can learn a lot from this couple. Get drunk during the day! Be spontaneous! Have sex with your lover whenever the mood strikes! YOLO! And, like Kim and Ray J, use your sex tape to fund your future.

But kids, please DO try this at home... not in a parking lot.

Photo: WTKR
Photo: WTKR

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