Here is the daily dilemma for Monday, March 12th, 2012:


"My husband and I went out to dinner in Saratoga over the weekend and as you know, parking in downtown Saratoga on a Friday is hectic.  Fortunately, we were able to find a spot right next to our restaurant.  The tough part was we had to parellel park.  It took my husband six tries, hitting the curb four of the times.  A local store clerk even tried to help use before we finally settled into the spot.  I offered so many times through the 10 minute ordeal to park the car for him.  (I love to parallel park and I'm actually good at it.)  My husband was appalled that I would even suggest he let me park the car.  He was so angry with me.

I was just trying to help and get us out of the situation.  Was I wrong?  Why can't a man accept help?  If I'm wrong, how can I handle a situation like this in the future.  I feel like if the situation was reversed, I would have let him help."

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