I'm not sure the average sports fan here in the Capital Region knows how good NBA player and former Shen star, Kevin Huerter, really is.

Last year, the 24-year-old was traded from the Atlanta Hawks to the Sacramento Kings. As a result, we see fewer of Huerter's games on TV, but trust me, the boy is ballin' and last night came some exciting news about the rising sharpshooter from the Capital Region.

And while no one is ready to compare his 3-point skills to Steph Curry, he has a chance to do something that few can say they've competed in, let alone actually won; the NBA 3-Point Contest!

2021 NBA All-Star - MTN DEW 3-Point Contest
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Portland Trail Blazers v Sacramento Kings
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It was announced on Tuesday that former Shen star Huerter will be one of eight participants in the 2023 NBA 3-Point Contest on Saturday night at All-Star Weekend.




Dallas Mavericks v Golden State Warriors - Game Five
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How good is the young man that NBA fans have dubbed "Red Velvet"?

Check out this video that the Sacramento Kings tweeted out at the end of January titled "Light Work After Practice",  it's amazing.



By his 5th shot (nothing but net), he's passed half court and for the 6th shot, he heaves one up from the other team's 3-point line which is probably 75 feet from the basket and drains it. Huerter makes 6 shots - each one increasing in difficulty - in less than a minute.

And that's why he's got a chance to win this thing on Saturday night.

Larry Bird
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Huerter, who scores about 15 points a game, also averages three 3-pointers a game,  shooting over 40% from long distance.

"Huerter is shooting a career-high 39 percent from 3-point range this season and leads the Kings in makes from downtown (139). He has nailed at least three 3-pointers in 27 games, and he tied a single-game career high with seven treys against Miami on Oct. 29." -NBC Sports 


Memphis Grizzlies v Sacramento Kings
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NBA All-Star Saturday night starts at 8 PM on Saturday, February 18th, LIVE from Salt Lake City, Utah, and includes the Kia Skills Challenge, Starry 3-Point Contest, and AT&T Slam Dunk for All-Star Weekend.  The All-Star game is played on Sunday.

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