I just love this story. There are so many ways it brings a smile to a person's heart. Last year the Reds help a silent auction and one of the prizes was to be a Bat Boy for the day and thanks to his parents high bid 29 year old Ted Kramer received that prize.

The reds liked him so much they asked him to come back again this year. Ted, who is now 30, and has Down's Syndrome only had 2 requests. The first was  that the pitchers strike out 11 batters so he could get free pizza. (The Cincinnati' Reds have promotion where if the pitchers get 11 strike outs in a game every ticket holder gets a free small pizza.) They got 12 that night!

The other request was for the third baseman, Todd Frazier. Teddy said, "You're my best friend and I hope you hit this home run for me." Todd said, "I'll hit you one." And in the 6th inning he did.