Every morning I sit at home with a cup of coffee and search the internet for the day's news, thoughts and inspirations for something to share with our listeners.

Too many of those mornings, I just see pain and frustration both in the news and even the posts I see in my Facebook newsfeed. I remember the other day, I was thinking about TV news anchors and wondering how in the world they can report all the sufferings of the day over and over and not lose faith in the world and our shared humanity. I wondered if these stories stay with them even after work, and how they work through it all and still keep coming back for more. This morning, as I scrolled through my Facebook feed I got my answer.

John Gray
John Gray , Facebook Page

John Gray has long been a staple on our local evening news and while we all enjoy his professionalism and dedication as news anchor on Fox 23 and News 10 ABC, I wonder how many people get to read some of the wonderful articles, essays and random thoughts he has written through the years. I know I often find myself smiling and even nodding my head in agreement at his musings of life. Whether it's a story about getting ice cream with his kid or his memories of his own childhood and cookies, he just seems to have a way of turning words into a savory dessert to be enjoyed by the soul.

Today it was John's eloquent thoughts about the moon and the senseless terror attacks in Brussels that gave me pause and helped me to stop and appreciate the beauty of the world we live in.

Last night on the drive home I looked up and saw the moon. It looked lonely as if it was waiting for me or someone to...

Posted by John Gray Fox23 on Tuesday, March 22, 2016


How do news reporters stay positive when their job is to report the pain, suffering and tragedy in life every day? They never stop taking the time to notice the beauty in everyday life.

So just as John looked up to the moon and thought that someone should let it know it is noticed, I look up to John Gray right now and say "You, sir, have a beautiful mind and I hope its light continues to shine on all of us for many years to come."

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