Here's the deal—this happened all the way in Hawaii and it really has nothing to do with country music, but I think you will enjoy it as much as I did. It's one of those weird moments of fate in life that you can never really imagine happening and in this case this young man couldn't even imagine it while it was happening.

A busker (street musician), Kekoa Alama was in a cafe singing and playing his Ukulele when a shaggy looking customer joined in. He was singing, "One Day" by reggae singer Matisyahu.  Kekoa seemed to enjoy the impromptu duet and when he was finished walked up to the stranger and told him "you got a beautiful voice man".

The man did have a beautiful voice and knew all the words to the song because he WAS MATISYAHU, who was in town to play a concert that night. Then Matisyahu asked the young man if he knew who wrote the song and pointed to himself. Kekoa couldn't even believe it.

Then, as he was walking out the door, Matisyahu told the singer he would put him and his girlfriend on his guest list for that night's show. You gotta love that.

Check out the video and especially the end when you realize the beauty of the fact that this kid didn't even know who he was singing with.


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