I have been holding onto this video for a long time. I knew I wanted to share it with you , but was never really sure what to say about it. I thought I could mention how amazing it is that 5 year old kids can have a heated debate as to how a dead mouse found it's way into the yard and never get angry, call each other names, or tell each other their ideas are stupid.

I also thought I could point out easy it would have been for me to miss this conversation if I hadn't taken a second to actually listen to these kids talk over lunch. I was in fact just about to turn the volume up on the TV when they started to try to figure out the origins of the dead mouse, even as they were eating lunch.

While both of these points are valid and do pertain to the beauty of this video for me, the truth is it is just plain adorable. So without boring you further here is my son Caden and his friends Naomi and Savannah discussing the mouse in Savannah's yard.

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