So my boss and WGNA afternoon personality Jake Thomas, sent us a text message right after I played this bit, "Ostentatious Christmas", on the air this morning. 

He has now renamed me Rhymin' Grinchie for my criticism of neighbors who go overboard with their holiday decorations.  

Sorry.  Hate to counter-criticize my superior, but you are WRONG, buddy!!  I'm for the holidays as much as the next guy, but when you look out your bedroom window and see Times Square right in the middle of Niskayuna, something ain't right!

I dedicated this song to THAT neighbor.  He knows who he is, Jake.  This by no means should imply that I hate ALL people who over decorate.  Heck no.  Only those who make me have to wear sunglasses--at night--when I'm SLEEPING!!!      Baaaaaah  Humbu.............(whooops--hope Jake isn't reading this!!)