A real-life Clark Griswold is living among us in Upstate New York!

We have all done it at some point in our lives. When decorating our homes, we have all made the effort to go next level with our holiday displays, especially when it comes to putting up as many Christmas lights as possible. Well, an Upstate New York family has taken their Christmas lights display to the highest level while helping out some local charities.

Upstate New York Home Sets Guinness World Record For Most Christmas Lights

687,000 Christmas lights. Let the number soak in for just a minute. That's get pretty close to three-quarters of a million! And that is the Guinness Book World Record for most Christmas lights in a display recently set by the Gay family in Lagrangeville (Near Pughkeepsie), according to Fox 5 New York.

Apparently, world record territory is familiar for the family, as they also held the previous record of 601,736 set in 2014. The really nice thing about the Gay family? It's not just about the recognition. They are also using their Christmas light platform to help local charities raise money from those who come to see the display.

So What Does Almost 700,000 Twinkling Lights Look Like?

This is a light display that would make Clark Griswold proud, or certainly a little jealous. Either way, I can see someone turning on that 'auxillary nuclear power" like they do in Christmas Vacation whenever they hit the on switch for this impressive Dutchess Country display! These photos are from previous years, but still are super impressive at about 600,000 lights. You can also check out the light display at the Gay family's website.




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