I always have a great time at this school with this great teacher, Mrs. Brooks. These were really well behaved, cute kids with an important message ( I would like certain members of the NFL to especially pay attention) 

charlton heights be a good sport
photo by Mike Symer

Good sportsmanship is an extremely crucial character trait to emphasize, don't you think?   Start them early and hopefully it will stick with them (especially if they have a motivating theme song to constantly remind them.)  And if they write the song themselves?  Hey!  All the better!  Here it is!  Crank it up and sing along (lyrics following the song)


be a good sport lyrics charlton heights rrr
©2014 Richie Phillips and Charlton Heights School

Special thanks to Mrs. Brooks and Mike Symer for his great audio engineering work.  Please leave your comments below, especially if you are a parent of one of these creative minds!

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