Boy, this song couldn't have come at a better time considering the state of the world as we know it.  I always have a great experience at Yates Elementary School in Schenectady.  This song came out so well - I think it could be used as a jingle for something!  Take a listen

I had a chance to visit Mr.Rakus' 3rd graders at Yates Elementary, and the results were fantastic.  These kids were really polite and fun and creative and…..(I could go on and on)

What makes this extra special is that it's an original tune as well - not a parody.  They picked a rhythm, came up with some random notes to include, and away we went.  We created this in less than an hour.  The words are embedded in the video, so feel free to sing along and share this with everyone you know.  Maybe it will rub off.

I noticed these kids also mentioning "bullying" in the song - they seem to know how important it is NOT to be a bully.  We hope that rubs off with everyone too!

Thanks to Mr. Rakus for having me in.  With that in mind, here's their new "hit".

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