This is September,  and  I'll admit –there are a ton of fundraisers to announce. Every one of them is as important as the next, and this  is no exception,  especially because there is a personal connection.

When my buddies  Mark Pierre and Brad Gardner from local favorites Big Sky Country  informed me of a fundraiser they were doing for a man named John Neet,  it triggered something in my mind.  "John Neet….hmmm…how do I know that name? - WAIT -my son, Ben took golf lessons from him!"   What a super nice guy."

And then I read on… It turns out that John and his family are going through some really rough times with medical bills. John is suffering from pancreatic cancer.  They actually did a "Go Fund Me" page for it apparently.  That sprung the very charitable Big Sky Country bandmates into action and they are hot on the promotional trail to help them . Hey -the least I could do is promote this   Please support this worthy cause for John and his family

Celebration of Life Fundraiser
John Neet Fundraiser