No matter how much you may be trying to deny it, it's fall. Pools are closed, beaches are empty and your favorite ice cream places are closed- or are they?

I was happy to see on Facebook that one of the local ice cream places isn't closing up shop just because the temperature has started to drop. Guptill's Coney Express made the announcement on their Facebook that they will be extending their season until November 4th with all 80 flavors still in stock. Then, it got me wondering if there were other ice cream places holding out a little long through the fall.

  • Martha's Dandee Creme in Lake George is still open but only until October 8th
  • Snowman in Troy closed last weekend
  • Jumpin Jack's in Scotia closed all the way back on September 2nd
  • Kurver Kreme also closed on September 21st
  • Curry Freeze in Schenectady is open until October 23rd
  • Moxie's in Wynantskill has been closed since August 27th

Are there any other ice cream places you know about or want to know about? You can always get ice cream at year-round places like Stewarts but I'm so happy these seasonal businesses still holding on to summer!

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