I love going out to eat in the Capital Region but sometimes, I'll admit, I'm really lazy. I just want food to show up at my house and now there's a new way to embrace your lazy side.

I saw on the Times Union that the Capital Region just got a new program called DoorDash. Imagine this, you're sitting at home with no food in your fridge and you just want something delivered. You login to one of the companies that are already in the area and take a look at the list. They're the same 4 or 5 restaurants and you want something new, DoorDash can do that! You can even track your deliveries and know when they're going to be at your door.

What makes DoorDash different is that they're not just sending a delivery to the business, they're picking it up and bringing it to you too so it opens up the options for places you can order from. For example, I put in my address and there's a whole list of local restaurants I don't see on other sites as well as some fast food places, like if you're really craving Wendy's for some reason but don't want to go out- get it delivered! They offer deliveries from over 500 Capital Region restaurants and you could even sign-up to be a driver, if that's something you're interested in. Your first delivery is free!

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