The Buffalo Bills are in the second round of the NFL playoffs but don't expect to go out to your favorite bar in the Capital Region to watch the game Saturday night. The 10 pm curfew in New York state is still in effect so you won't be able to watch the entire game at a bar or restaurant. There are sixty-seven hundred fans being allowed into Bills Stadium in Orchard Park to cheer on the Buffalo Bills but forget about hanging out at your favorite bar or restaurant Saturday night to watch them play. In Buffalo fans and restaurant owners are trying to get the curfew lifted, but here in the Capital Region, they are abiding by the state law.

I reached out to the most popular "Bills Backers" bar in the area, McGeary's Irish Pub in Albany. Knowing that the game starts at 8:15 pm on Saturday night and the curfew takes effect at 10 pm, I wanted to know how they would handle fans in the restaurant watching the game. I was told that they aren't advertising to watch the game at their establishment although it would be on. They told me that they would be following state law and closing at 10 pm. This would only be at about halftime of the game. They say they would be telling people that were in McGeary's that they would have to leave.

In a statement on the Albany Bills Backers Twitter page, they addressed the issue.

While it's nice that the TV networks wanted the Buffalo Bills' historic divisional round appearance in prime time, unfortunately, it limits our options. The state is currently mandating a 10pm closing time for all restaurants to try to reduce the spread of Covid. That's an "everybody out" time, not just last call for alcohol, so that wouldn't get us to the end of the game. McGeary's Irish Pub is still open before 10pm for inside dining AND for takeout.

According to News 10 ABC, in Buffalo, there is legislation that is hoping to get a curfew extension for restaurants and bars. They are saying that the first playoff game brought in a lot of much-needed revenue to local businesses. But because that was a day game, the curfew didn't come into play. Buffalo restaurants and bars are hoping for a decision soon so they can remain open during the entire Saturday night playoff game.

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