The bar owners are going crazy in downtown Albany.  They have some new rules and regulations now that are not sitting too well with bar owners, and maybe you out there.  Just wondering what side of the bar you're on with this issue?

The Times had the story this morning. There is a new cabaret license plan that will require DJ's, live musicians and karaoke folks to stop cranking out the tunes at 2 a.m. and at midnite on weeknites.

One bar in particular, the Waterworks Pub is trying to gather owners together to get this ruling overturned.

Funny, but I used to make my living playing in piano bars in Albany.  Many nites we just got started at midnite -especially in the bars where the politicians would hang out.

ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp Karaoke Night With Lauren Alaina

If this were 20 years ago, I bet you dollars to donuts that they would be the first group complaining about turning the music off.  And back then it would have  replaced dollar bills  with dust balls in my tip cup  How do YOU feel?  Take the poll below.  It's only one question - not to worry. Would love to take the pulse of the Capital Region.

And here's the bonus trivia question.  Who's the woman looking at the Karaoke singer?  Answer? American Idol superstar Lauren Alaina.




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