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Go Bills! Buffalo Tickets Going up but Plan to Fill The Stands
Bills mafia most likely won't be that upset about the Buffalo Bills raising ticket prices for the 2021 season. With the amazing run the team made coming up just one game short of going to the Super Bowl, not only will they raise prices but they plan on having a packed house at Bills Stadium.
Bills Mafia - Will You Let Chrissy In? [VIDEO]
I have been a Jets fan my whole life but throughout the last ten years or so, I have been rooting for the Buffalo Bills more than the Jets. It's finally time to become a full-on Bills fan so I am asking Bills Mafia to let me in. I put a video together that has me going through a few "Buffa…
Capital Region Buffalo Bills' Bars Must Close at 10 pm Saturday
The Buffalo Bills are in the second round of the NFL playoffs but don't expect to go out to your favorite bar in the Capital Region to watch the game Saturday night. The 10 pm curfew in New York state is still in effect so you won't be able to watch the entire game at a bar or restaurant.
Bills Fans Urging Channel 6 To Show Game
A local chapter of very passionate Buffalo Bills football fans known as the "Albany Bills Backers" is trying to get WRGB Channel 6 to swap out the football game it's scheduled to be showing at 4:25 on Sunday.  They are urging fans to call up the news station and &…
NFL Coming Back -Will Bills Mafia Be Allowed?
If the NFL season started this week, fans wouldn't be allowed to attend not only in the stands but not even in the parking lots. The Buffalo Bills, the only New York team that plays in New York state would not be allowed any spectators if the season started soon or even by the fall because of t…
Devastating Loss For My Bills Fan
I am a die-hard Jets fan but this season it has been fun to root for the Bills. It makes it easier because my son, Ryan, and Jenn are from Buffalo and a huge part of Bills Mafia. It is an understatement to say that our household was devastated at the overtime loss this weekend.
It’s Bills or Bust If You Live in NY
The Buffalo Bills haven't won a playoff game since 1995 and this Saturday at 4:30 when they take on the Houston Texans, it will be just the second time since the since the 90's that they're even playing in one. Yet Bills fans are as excited as ever about the thought of their team maki…
An Open Letter To Buffalo Bills Fans
As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, I feel I have something in common with you, the fan of the Buffalo Bills.  Both our teams were very good in the early 90's, at times dominant.  The Bills went to a million Super Bowls in a row, and lost each one.  Each SB loss worse than the previous year (the final…
Country Star Brazenly Burns Bills Mafia
Charles Kelley from Lady A appeared on the GNA morning show with Brian and Chrissy Friday morning to talk a little NFL football.
The country star admitted that he's more of a college football fan, but knows his share of the professional game as well.  Kelley gave us predictions for some pretty import…

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