It's one thing to have a curfew from your parents but can you imagine having a curfew from your local government? That's a decision two Capital Region areas may be facing in the coming months.

The Coeymans Town and Ravena Village boards met on January 13th to discuss the potential for a curfew in their respective villages, according to Spotlight News. In this meeting, they talked about the idea of having a curfew set up for children 15 and under and "possible fines for their parents if that curfew is violated."

According to Coeymans Town Supervisor George McHugh, this isn't a rule set in stone and it was among many other things discussed at that meeting. He said "We’re really just in the early stages of it and we’re primarily looking at keeping teens aged 15 and younger off the streets after 9 p.m. from Sundays to Thursdays and after 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays."

William J. Misuraca, Ravena’s mayor, said something very similar. It is in the early stages in their area as well, they're just putting the idea out there as a way to keep kids safer instead of out and about at various hours of the night. There has apparently been a rise in vandalism and thefts and they're looking at different ways to curb that behavior.

They're still determining details as to the amount of the fine or any additional punishments but for now, it's a serious discussion.

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