On Friday afternoon, the city of Watervliet declared a State of Emergency with a curfew that will begin on Sunday evening extending into Monday.  This comes as a result of a threat deemed credible enough to compromise the safety of its citizens.

According to CBS 6 News, the declared State of Emergency for the city of Watervliet is in effect until 11:59 PM on Monday June 8th due to the "threat of civil disturbance to the community which compromises the public safety of the community."

The announced curfew will go into effect on Sunday evening, June 7th starting at 8PM. At that time, the city is urging its residents to stay home.  The curfew will not apply to first responders, authorized members of the media or Government officials.

The Watervliet Police Department said the curfew will be lifted on Monday morning at 6 AM unless otherwise stated. During the curfew, citizens of Watervliet may still travel to work or seek medical attention.

In a separate message on facebook from June 3rd,  Acting Chief Lt. Brian Strock of the City of Watervliet Police Department addressed the current civil unrest in local communities asking residents that during these times they remain, among other things, professional and lawful.

Strock also wrote in the message that he urges citizens to "hold us accountable to this. We would much rather walk side-by-side with you than have to wear the protective equipment (seen in photo)."

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