Saratoga, Schenectady, Albany, and Troy nightlife is buzzing once again.

Bars and restaurants are packed and many of are finally getting back to our regular social life and dating scene. Summertime in the Capital Region can - and should be -  be an exciting time

But it can also be somewhat dangerous, especially for women.

Have you ever gone out to a bar or restaurant, perhaps on a first or second date, and things weren't going so well?  Maybe the person who showed up to meet you wasn't the same as in their profile picture, or perhaps they're giving off vibes that make you feel awkward or uncomfortable.   Being in a public place doesn't necessarily ensure your safety.

This post is not designed to be a scare tactic, it's designed to create dialogue as well as educate and inform you that if a dangerous situation (or person) is lurking, there's something discreetly that you can do about it.  But it's only effective if the bar you're at, or bartender you're getting drinks from, is in on it.

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I saw the photo below posted and shared on the 518 Restaurants Facebook group by a female user and I thought it was brilliant.

Photo: Amber Lynn 518 Restaurants Facebook
Photo: Amber Lynn 518 Restaurants Facebook

The above photo was taken in the bathroom of a place called the Frisco Bar and Grill which, to my knowledge, is not a place in the Capital Region.  But the idea could and should be universally adopted regardless of where you're from.  In this particular bar,  bartenders were equipped to handle any woman who orders an "Angel Shot."

Depending on the person's needs, if the patron orders the "Angel Shot" a bartender would act accordingly.

Order the shot "neat" and someone will escort you to your car.  Order it "dressed" and they'll get you a safe ride home.  Ask for the Angel Shot "with lime" and they'll call the police.

As you can imagine, a post like this generated a ton of buzz and the one posted on 518 Restaurants has nearly 500 shares.  Some have argued that it should be kept a secret and that putting it out there might mitigate its effects.  It is possible that the "Angel Shot" might become so well known, that a man might not leave a woman's side once she orders it.

But there are ways around that.

What if the Capital Region bar or restaurant created its own secret code?   Maybe instead of "Angel Shot" it's the "Broadway Shot" or "Downtown Shot".

Maybe it's not even a shot at all, it could be a fictitious beer or type of wine.

Unfortunately, we live in a time when a secret code word could minimize the dangers of meeting a stranger or being around a person that is giving off dangerous vibes.

If bartenders and restaurant staff were in on their own version of the "Angel Shot", it might even save a life.

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