There is something the whole family can do while you are staying at home. The Times Union Center is looking for someone to create a mural on their blank wall. Here are the details. The Times Union Center wants you to leave your mark and artwork on one of their blank walls that will be used as a backdrop for artists and athletes that come through Albany. They want you to create a mural that these stars can see as they do meet & greets, walk around the TU Center, or on their way to grab something to eat, and that can be used as a photo op.

The cool thing is, the contest is open to all ages and you have the creative freedom to do whatever you want. There are a few guidelines. Here are the details.

  • You must include the word Albany in the mural.
  • No nudity, drug references, alcohol references, or foul language allowed
  • You must have the rights to the picture if you use one
  • Permission must be granted to use your artwork and showcase it on social media
  • You must allow artists to post photos with your artwork without a photo credit
  • You must allow news media, tour photographers, and videographers to film or photograph your mural without photo credit
  • Dimensions of the space are 17ft w x 9ft h. Make your art proportional to those dimensions.

The contest ends on April 30th at midnight. You can submit your questions and entries HERE. Five finalists will be selected by the Times Union Center staff. They will then be posted to Facebook and Instagram for the public to decide.

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