So your soccer team wins the big match, you get the trophy, and what happens? You drop it. Not on the floor, but on the road in front of your bus, while it's moving. Real Madrid won the Spanish Cup earlier this week over Barcelona, their rivals. As you can see from the thousands of soccer fans who lined the streets of Madrid, this is a really big deal.

The winning Spanish Cup team receives a large trophy, which Real Madrid's players showed off to their supporters as they drove through the all-night celebration on top of a double-decker bus.

When it was defender Sergio Ramos turn to hold the trophy above his head, he proved that his athletic talent comes from his feet, not his hands, and dropped it right in front of the bus.

The bus promptly ran over the trophy, causing major damage. Ramos kept his sense of humor about his blunder, joking that he didn't drop the trophy; rather it jumped off so it could be closer to the fans. I think we've all set something on the roof of our car and forgot about it. I had that happen with a thermos once. Although I wasn't on the roof of a bus showing it off, only to drop it.

Check it out the unfortunate moment below.

Do you think the team may have been a little unhappy with their team mate?


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