There are rival schools in Washington County that are merging their football and boys soccer teams. It was the decision of the Whitehall school board to team up and merge with long-time rival Granville. They are tackling an issue that has enrollment dwindling so in order for the sports to continue, they had to get creative.

The rivalry between Whitehall and Granville is legendary. It would be like, for me, Mechanicville and Stillwater merging to field a team. I think it would make me shake my head. But then again, both Granville and Whitehall need to offer their students the ability to experience everything in their high school years. If that means merging to make sure they can play football and soccer, then they are doing whatever it takes.

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Rivalries are what makes high school sports. The electricity of the students and families in the stands screaming at the top of their lungs for their hometown. No doubt this will be a bit awkward for both towns and schools. They haven't announced what the name of the merged teams will be. It's hard to try and guess too. Whitehall's nickname is the Railroaders and Granville are the Mongolian Warriors. I don't even want to venture a guess.

According to News Channel 13, Granville will approve the merger in early March. The schools are also planning to merge for boys soccer. Whitehall doesn't offer boys soccer so this will be a great opportunity for those kids to be able to play.

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