Brett Eldredge has premiered the video for his new song "Lose My Mind."

It's a funky, sexy song with a cool beat. And, the video is just as funky and takes the sexy up a notch! Victoria's Secret model Rachel Hilbert plays a sexy nurse who Brett fantasizes about while locked in a strait jacket.

Brett came up with the idea for the sultry video while he was sitting on an airplane, fantasizing. Brett says that he wrote the song about a specific girl, but, dig as I might, I can't seem to find even a clue as to who it might be.

Billy Dukes from says about the song,

"No one syncopates quite like Eldredge. The song is a brilliant mix of old and new."


And Billy's not alone!  Eighty percent of visitors give "Lose My MInd" a 5-star rating! Including me! But I think I'm a little biased. Ever since I found out that Brett was 6'5", I've been in love!

What do you think of the song?


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