Binge Watching with Marissa: Catfish Edition
I've had a couple of days to myself. So, of course, what does any self respecting adult do with a couple of days off? They watch an entire season of a television show they would usually have scanned right passed of course.
These Scary Old Photos Show Halloween The Way It’s Meant To Be
An artist from Britain has put together a collection of the most terrifying photos I've seen!  They are all pictures of people in homemade trick or treat costumes dating all the way back to 1875!
You won't believe these pictures!
It's so interesting to think about what was happenin…
New Jersey Teen Climbs the Spire of the World Trade Center
16 Year old Justin Casquejo of Weehawken, NJ wiggled through a security fence, made his way past a guard, and climbed our nationals tallest building on Sunday!  He took a series of pictures from the spire atop 1 World Trade Center today before he was apprehended by authorities...
It’s Friday! Here’s a fun video for you!
I stumbled upon this gem this morning while researching "news" - fortunately, you can always count on the internet to distract you with something shiny and exciting!  I didn't learn anything from this, I actually wasted about 40 sec of my life, but it did make me laugh...
Cover Versions Of Patsy Cline’s Crazy [VIDEOS]
On August 21st, 1961 Patsy Cline recorded one of her biggest hits "Crazy". The song , written by Willie Nelson was both a country and adult contemporary hit peaking at #2 on both of those charts and peaked at #9 on the pop charts.
With the song's genre bending chart success, it…
Steve Carell’s Movie Poster Contract [VIDEO]
Here we go again! is hysterical! They strike again with Steve Carell and his contract affecting the movie poster for 'Crazy, Stupid Love'.
Steve Carell's Movie Poster Contract from Steve Carell
I really wasn't going to see this movie but maybe I need to find a date …

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