Brett Eldredge has tested positive for COVID-19, according to a video post shared on his social media accounts Thursday evening (Dec. 16).

"Today has been a really rough day," Eldredge said sadly, speaking into the camera. "I was about to go to the airport to fly... and play my favorite show of the entire year, the Glow show in Chicago."

The country star says he suspected he had a cold and had taken multiple COVID-19 tests earlier this week that had turned up negative. Before boarding a plane to Chicago, he took another test which came back with a positive result.

"Unfortunately, it turns out I have COVID, which really sucks," he explained. "I've been so excited about playing this show. It breaks my heart."

Eldredge was scheduled to bring his Glow Tour to the Chicago Theatre for two performances on Dec. 17 and 18. Those dates have now been rescheduled for Dec. 29 and 30, allowing Eldredge time to rest and clear his infection.

"I'm going to try and heal up," he told fans of his plans for the coming days. "It's just going to be me chilling at home and recovering."

Eldredge has been actively promoting his new holiday album Mr. Christmas, which was released on Oct. 22. He noted that fans will still see multiple television appearances from him in the coming days that were filmed prior to his positive test result.

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