You've done it, we've all done it, your car is on empty and you try to see how far you can go before you have to get gas. I found a chart that'll save you the panic!

The website YouMechanic broke down the 50 best-selling vehicles in the United States and how far you can drive after your car says that your gas tank is empty. Not only that, but they ran through a bunch of gas tank rumors, have you heard of these?

RUMOR #1: Is it dangerous to drive with the "Low Fuel" light on? Well, it's of course dangerous because you could run out at any moment and who knows where your car will be or how far you'll be from fuel but that's not all. Driving on empty can also do damage to your vehicle too. Even with your tank low can cause damage with debris or contamination that naturally settles could be sent through.

RUMOR #2: How trustworthy is the gauge that gives you the distance until empty? Not really accurate. It's just an approximation to how many miles you have left in your tank. "This approximation is based on the average mileage that you have attained while driving your vehicle, which means that it may not be very accurate relative to your current driving conditions."

Now, you want to know how far your car can drive on empty? According to the website, this "is the range for how many miles you can drive – as well as the point at which the warning light illuminates – for the top 50 best-selling vehicles in the United States in 2015." To name a few, a Chevy Silverado has about 25 miles, Toyota's tend to be in the 60-80 mile range, Honda's around 60-80 miles as well, Hyundai Sonata is about 40 miles, and the full list is on their website.


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