We introduced you back in May to the Bethlehem teen whose Instagram account was blowing up! James Charles has always been fascinated by the art of make up and what started as a hobby, turned into an experience of a lifetime at fashion week and now...this!

Pop star, Katy Perry made the announcement via her Instagram account Tuesday when she shared a picture with James stating, "Honored to have the pleasure to announce the very first COVERBOY, James Charles!"

James Charles (Dickenson) has quite the interesting story of a meant to be kind of situation. We wrote back in May:

How did he get virally noticed? It turns out, Dickenson posted a video of himself applying one of his styles of makeup to Instagram while sporting his Denver Broncos jersey during the big game back in February utilizing the hashtag “SuperBowl.” That tag sparked a number of negative comments from the male veiwers that came across it. But because of the outrage, the followers started to add up and came to his defense. What once was 50,000 followers jumped to almost 200k!


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