If you text 77000 and begin your message with the word "Hey" it comes directly to us.  We love to interact directly with our listeners!  You guys are awesome!  And if you've never done it before, you should definitely try it! It's a great way to participate in our show and a great way to get your questions answered.

Well, sometimes we get some comments that are not so positive.  But usually they're constructive.

On Friday morning, however, a comment was made about me personally that was kinda rough. Someone on the text machine called me a "SKANK."

Now when I signed up for this job I realized that this kind of thing happens. And I know that I have to take all comments, both good and bad, with a grain of salt.  So honestly, being called such a thing didn't really bother me.

But, it bothered Sean. Not only did it bother Sean because he cares a lot about me as a partner and a friend... but because people are becoming more and more crappy, frankly.  People are sitting behind their computer screens and their cell phones and they are typing terrible things about people all the time.  From famous people to the loner kid in their middle school math class... bullies have to stop making crappy comments online.

Sean schooled my troll like no one else could have!  (And I'm pretty thankful to have a buddy who is willing to stick up for me like that!)

Take a listen -