Caller’s Urgent Plea Regarding COVID-19 (AUDIO)
Here's the audio of the woman who called into GNA Friday morning just one day after she lost a very good friend to the coronavirus.  While it's heartbreaking to listen to, it's also a glimpse into the reality of what is happening in the world today.
Love Cowboy: Is It Love or Lust?
GNA tried recently to help a listener determine if her feelings for her man could be genuine even though she's only been dating him for a month.  With the assistance of Love Cowboy, we were able to settle the difference between love and lust.
Does Your Dog Love You? Try This Trick To Find Out (AUDIO)
I was watching a documentary on Netflix recently with my girlfriend about dog behavior and how your dog perceives and understands reality called A Dog's Life.  Samathana and I have two little doggies named Biggie and Tiny - both of them a type of silky/Yorkie  terrier.  It's obvious to me (and anyon…
Wait…You Heard What About Brian And Chrissy? (AUDIO)
Chrissy and I have been on the air together at GNA for almost two-and-a-years, and thirteen plus years in all.  We've had plenty of highs and lows in our personal and professional life and for the most part, it's part of our nature to share with you many of these moments.  We've been open about rela…
GNA’s ‘Too Sick To Work’ Prank Call (Audio)
Thursday morning on 107.7 GNA, Brian and Chrissy played a prank on a local boss claiming to be the brother of one his really sick employees.  Stephanie from Cohoes asked them to 'call her out sick to work' claiming that her boss was gracious enough to accept the news, and too gullible to realize tha…
GNA’s Valentine Dinner Reservation Prank (AUDIO)
This is the prank call Brian and Chrissy (AKA The Phone Frauds) made to a man named Chris from Saratoga Springs. Pretending to be the manager of the restaurant the couple had reservations for on Valentine's Day, Brian informed the man of multiple changes made to his romantic dinner. Turns out, his c…

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