I have to admit that I am the loudest fan at my son's baseball game. I like to keep it positive, but sometimes I am so loud, it comes across as obnoxious. That's why, during baseball season, I am known as "The Big League Chooch".

This past weekend was a little different for me. I wasn't able to watch any of Ryan's game because it was my turn to work the dreaded concession stand. Myself and another mom, who never worked it before, were thrown into the fire. The game was on Friday night at 6:30, which meant there were hungry parents and kids coming from Guilderland.

I know that I am loud and sometimes obnoxious during Ryan's games, but working the concession stand brought out a whole new Chooch!

As I do when I watch Ryan's games, I am mic-ed up inside the concession stand while I serve the fans. Here's a glimpse into my first time working concessions at Ryan's game.

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