Seraphina is my three-year-old cousin who has quite the personality (and imagination). She's currently learning about holidays for the first time and you're not gonna believe how she thinks people celebrate the new year.

Seraphina is just learning about all of these holidays so I had to ask her about her Christmas and what she thinks about New Years. If you've heard her talk about Frozen II, Thanksgiving, and Santa, then you know she doesn't necessarily get the facts straight.

I first asked her about her Christmas and what Santa left for her under the tree. Then, we talked about the real meaning of Christmas which is actually pretty profound for her age. After, we went into (as much detail as possible) about what she knows about the New Year, which isn't much.

We're apparently entering the year 5 and the best way to be a "good girl" is through puppet shows, tea parties, and sleepovers with your best friends. Don't believe me, take a listen, that's what she said!

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