My mom, Nancy, had an encounter at a local gas station over the weekend and before she knew it, her opportunity to make a love connection came and went. Now she needs your help to find that mystery man. Have you seen him?

My mom is a beautiful woman inside and out and while she was pumping gas early Friday afternoon off of Exit 10 of the Northway, she noticed a younger handsome man nearby. He made eye contact and waved. She waved back and said hello. Here's my mom telling how the rest of the encounter went down.

She admitted that she panicked and was so flattered that she didn't know what to say. So now my sisters and I are hoping that we may be able to find this mystery man and maybe see if he is still willing to go out on a date with my mom.

We asked my mom to make a sketch of this man so we have something to go by. Here's what she came up with. Do you know this handsome, younger man?

man sketch 2

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