Here's the audio of the woman who called into GNA Friday morning just one day after she lost a very good friend to the coronavirus.  While it's heartbreaking to listen to, it's also a glimpse into the reality of what is happening in the world today.

Brian and Chrissy were on the air Friday morning talking about some of the people they've seen around the Capital Region not heading the warnings of social distancing.  It's not that hard, really.  "Just use a little common sense" was the message of the WGNA morning team.   "Play in parks, just stay away from other kids.  Go get some fresh air, but don't gather in or near large groups.  Wear gloves if you have to, use plenty of wipes and keep your hands clean."  Nobody is trying to spread any panic, but if we're gonna flatten the dang curve, let's work together.  Surprisingly, not everyone is playing by the same rules as everyone knows someone or have seen someone not social distancing properly, or in some cases not at all.

Then, a phone call came in that changed the whole course of the show.  Listen to Melissa from the Berkshires tell the GNA listeners in an emotional plea why social distancing is so important.  Melissa lost a dear friend on Thursday due to COVID-19 but she held it together on this call and we all think it's a must listen for anyone NOT heeding the warnings.  This isn't a scare tactic, it's real life.

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