What are you gonna drink at you Halloween party?  Plain old beer? Boring old wine? No! Try to make one of these yummy concoctions that Marissa and Bethany made in their Fall Drink Tutorial!

On Saturday night Marissa and I made a couple of yummy fall drinks and sampled them for you!

My favorite was "Witch's Heart" -

Makes/ Serves: 1 drink 


·     1 oz apple flavoured vodka, chilled

·     1 tsp grenadine

·     Purple Viniq to top up, chilled

·     Powdered dry ice (optional)

·     Martini glass to serve

Marissa's favorite was "Warm Caramel Apple Martini" -


·     6 ounces apple cider

·     4 ounces vodka

·     1 ounce Applejack or Calvados

To Garnish:

·     Caramel Sauce

·     Pinch cinnamon

·     2 cinnamon stick

 Try one of these yummy cocktails at your Halloween bash!  All of your guests will be impressed by how delicious and spooky these drinks are!

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 12.41.33 PM


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