My mom is seventy-four years old and is trying her best to heed the warnings and stay home. She does get out in the yard and go for walks but she is pretty bored. The other morning, she decided to do a paint and sip video. She left out the paint part. My mom is a pretty talented woman. She has held a few real paint and sip classes before. She loves to paint. My mom also loves to have a few drinks. Knowing that everyone is staying home because of the coronavirus, she figured people wouldn't have paints available to them. So she nixed the paints and did a video on how to make one of her favorite drinks. By the way, it was 9:30 in the morning, but who's judging?

My mom had fun putting this together and now you know how to make one of her favorite drinks, a Bocce Ball. I think we may be getting more videos of my mom's favorite drinks. I will keep you posted.

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