We are blessed to have so many good burger joints in the Capital Region. Which one took home the honor of being the best?

Whether it be one of the spring and summer destinations that we all love or a local restaurant that serves them all year round, you can't go wrong at any of these spots. The list was put together by Times Union and they left it up to a reader poll to rank them.

Many favorites sadly didn't crack the top five which is no slight because they also serve awesome food. Places like Five Guys which continue to give me a days worth of food every time I go. Juicy Burger in Milton and Guilderland which I would say is an awesome alternative to Five guys if you have never tried. A lot of other amazing places did make the list just not the upper echelon. You can check out the full list at the link below. Here is how the people of the Capital Region voted the top five.

  • 5

    Red Robin in Latham and Clifton Park

    Now, yes they are a chain restaurant. I personally cannot deny any of the burgers they serve though. No matter when you go their burgers are on point and I would say they are deserving of the number five spot.

  • 4

    Crave on Western Ave

    I have heard many good things about the food at Crave. I haven't made my way there to try it just yet but certainly will in the future. Being such a new establishment it is pretty awesome to see them crack the top five in my opinion. If you want an address for them it is, 217 Western Ave, Albany.

  • 3

    Jumpin' Jacks Drive-In

    One of the favorite seasonal places in the Capital Region we have all come to know and love. Jumpin' Jacks has been satisfying customers for decades and I am sure will continue to do so for many to come. If you haven't had the grub there yet, add it to your summer to do list.

  • 2

    Burger 21 in Latham

    Sitting only a short drive away from some serious competition in Latham with Red Robin, Burger 21 did better on the list coming in at number two. A place I will be visiting very, very soon. I actually will admit, I just drove by there a few days ago and was intrigued by their signage. I hadn't heard of them prior.

  • 1

    Jacks Drive-In in Wynantskill

    While this may be confused at times with Jumpin' Jacks it certainly cannot be mistaken if you have had both. I personally have fond memories of going here with my dad as a kid and getting their cheeseburgers with only ketchup, I was a picky kid. A Troy staple you definitely need to check out this year or become a returning customer to.

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