At about 11:15 pm last night I was laying in bed watching as NASCAR gave the green light to start the rain delayed Coke Zero 400 in Daytona. It was then that the announcers were talking to Carl Edwards through his in car headset about the race that was about to begin much later than expected. When they asked him about strategy he said that being careful was of utmost importance because some drivers would be more apt to make mistakes because of the late start. Rightfully he was worried about accidents, unfortunately  he was a victim of one of the bad crashes last night.

While that was a bad crash it was most certainly not the worst of the night, that distinction went to the last lap of the race as the cars were crossing the finish line and young Austin Dillon was the driver who found his car airborne and flying helplessly into the catch fence. I have to tell you this one is scary and I have never seen a car so destroyed and yet Austin is fine and somehow actually walked away from the accident.

Here is a video shot by a fan just behind the catch fence.

Once again I think we are all so happy to see Austin walk away from this terrible crash and you have to give NASCAR and all the safety engineers credit for how far they have come with driver safety.

And lastly, congratulations to JR., who wont the race!


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