Horrific and heartbreaking news out of California this morning.  A deadly helicopter crash at 10 am pacific time just north of Los Angeles has taken the lives of 5 people including NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

Multiple sources including TMZ, and ESPN have conformed the death of 5 individuals in including 41-year-old Kobe Bryant.  Bryant played 20 years in LA for the Lakers and has 4 daughters.

The crash may have also taken the lives of one or more of his children, as disheartening reports are thought he may have been traveling with family.  There is no word on whether or not his wife Vanessa was with him at the time but it is not believed to be the case at this time.

The crash happened in Calabass, Los Angeles which is located in the hills west of Hollywood.  There is no word on where Bryant and his family were traveling.

We'll have more updates on this tragic, breaking news as it becomes available.


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