If you're looking for  job, there's a different job posted in USA Today. After the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Gilbert Gottfried was fired as the abrasive voice of the duck in the Aflac commercials, for making jokes on twitter about horrific situation. Aflac is now looking for someone to replace Gottfried, to be the new voice of the duck.

Duck Representing Aflac at NY Stock Exchange

According to Michael Zuna, their Chief Marketing Officer, he stated the "Rather than hire another celebrity voice right away, Aflac decided to solicit submissions from the general public."  If you are interested in possibly being the next "quacker", you can submit a 30-second audio or video file with your best version of the duck’s signature “Aflac” squawk at quackaflac.com. Imagine telling your friends and family that you are the Aflac duck.

Remember, Gilbert Gottfried had the job for over 10 years. Do you think that you like to Quack like a duck?

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