I really believe this past Superbowl must serve as  a teachable moment for these slick Madison Avenue advertising agencies. Here's my 2 cents about 4 million dollar commercials

One recent study  from Fluid Drive Media shows that we are exposed to almost 250 commercial messages per day.  Which ones stick the most in your brain?  You would think the ones that cost $4 million to put on the air, wouldn't you?


From our meager test this morning, it sure doesn't look like many of them worked.  People remember the plot of the spots, but not the products!  Huh?

Hey, I'm no genius and none's offered me a job in the ad biz, but since you asked -  to me they get so wrapped up in trying to sell emotion, they forget to "sell the soap".

Remember all the catchy jingles they used to have?  I don't mean little 5 second things at the very end - I mean long jingles that keep mentioning the name.  Like ToysRUs, old McDonald's jingles, etc.

You don't really hear them anymore.  Drives me nuts.  Bring em back, I say.  Maybe it will make the 4 mil expenditure worth it!



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